What is Governing Under the Influence

Large corporations wield too much political power.

Excessive corporate power is a key factor behind mammoth budgets for military weapons, the U.S.-Mexico border region’s transformation into a war zone, the incarceration of millions of people, and many other problems the U.S. is confronting today.  

How do corporations do it? Millions of dollars spent on lobbying, with high-level government officials passing through the revolving door from public administration to high-priced lobbying firms. Millions more spent directly on candidates and political action committees. Court decisions that advance corporate rights and curtail voting rights. Well-funded think tanks that force the corporate agenda into the media.   

The power of the people can be stronger than the power of the corporations.

That’s why AFSC is calling for a halt to “governing under the influence” through a strategic education and action project. We’re starting in Iowa and New Hampshire, the two states that get the lion’s share of attention from presidential candidates.