Iowa Caucus Resolution to End Governing Under the Influence from Mega Corporations

AFSC's Governing Under the Influence project is a non-partisan, education and action project in Iowa and New Hampshire questioning all presidential candidates about the excessive political influence from corporations driving public policy.

If you plan to attend the Iowa Caucus on February 1st, 2016, please introduce the following resolution to your local caucus precinct to end governing under the influence from mega corporations.

End the practice of governing under the influence from mega corporations

Talking Points

Millions of dollars are spent to by mega corporations to lobby Congress to influence public policy for their private profit.

Corporate power is the key factor behind mammoth budgets for military weapons, and the US – Mexican border region’s transformation into a war zone.

Billions of tax payer dollars are awarded to corporations to advance private wealth at the expense of the public good.


We call for transparency and full disclosure in lobbying and campaign contributions in order to end the corrupting practice of governing under the influence of corporate dollars.

If you would like to introduce this caucus resolution, please contact us below to remind and help you with the simple process for passing the resolution. To share with family and friends, please download the attachment here.  Thank you!

Questions?  Kathleen McQuillen,, 515-274-4851 ext. 22