Tweet #DemDebate questions on political influence of contractors

Miranda Myers on January 15, 2016

Here are some sample GUI questions we are tweeting to the #DemDebate moderator, @LesterHoltNBC.

The next Democratic presidential debate is this Sunday, January 17.

Join us in urging the debate moderator to ask the candidates about the corrosive effect of big money and corporate influence in politics. In particular we want to raise awareness about the influence of the military-industrial complex and the for-profit prison industry on policies that boost their bottom line but don't make the world any safer.

Twitter handle: @LesterHoltNBC

Here are some suggestions:

Will @LesterHoltNBC ask candidates at #DemDebate how to shape foreign policies for public good, not corporate profit? #WhoProfits

|@LesterHoltNBC ask candidates at #DemDebate how they will end immigrant detention quota? #WhoProfits #endthequota

Will @LesterHoltNBC ask candidates at #DemDebate if they’ll limit firms like Corrections Corp of America & GEO from setting #Immigration law?

|@LesterHoltNBC, ask candidates at #DemDebate how to stop undue influence of corporations that profit from war and prisons #WhoProfits

|@LesterHoltNBC with $1T plan for new nukes, how will candidates at #DemDebate ensure policy serves security not profit motive? #WhoProfits

|@LesterHoltNBC ask candidates at #DemDebate how to ensure war profiteers don’t have undue influence on defense policy #WhoProfits

The debate is sponsored by NBC, Congressional Black Caucus Institute. It will take place in Charleston, South Carolina, moderated by NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC Anchor, Lester Holt. This debate will take place at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 6pm PT).