NH Debate Added - Send in your Quesions

Arnie Alpert on February 01, 2016

You can send suggested questions to the moderators for the next Democratic debate, February 4 at UNH Durham, hosted by MSNBC. 

The next Democratic presidential debate is Thursday, February 4 at 9 PM ET at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.  It will be sponsored by MSNBC with moderators Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd.

Join us in urging the debate moderators to ask the candidates about the corrosive effect of big money and corporate influence in politics. In particular we want to raise awareness about the influence of the military-industrial complex and the for-profit prison industry on policies that boost their bottom line but don't make the world any safer.

You can submit a question via the NH Union Leader’s website.  They will ask if you are an undecided voter. 

If you use twitter, you can send tweets to the moderators at: @maddow and @chucktodd

Here are some suggestions:

Will @chucktodd ask candidates at #DemDebate how to shape foreign policies for public good, not corporate profit? #WhoProfits

|@maddow, ask candidates at #DemDebate how they will end immigrant detention quota. #WhoProfits #endthequota bit.ly/1Rq0bBd

Will @chucktodd ask candidates at #DemDebate if they’ll limit firms like Corrections Corp of America & GEO from setting #Immigration law?

|@maddow, ask candidates at #DemDebate how to stop undue influence of corporations that profit from war and prisons #WhoProfits

|@chucktodd with $1T plan for new nukes, how will #DemDebate candidates ensure policy serves security not profit motive? bit.ly/1P0ra2P #WhoProfits

|@maddow ask #DemDebate candidates how to ensure war profiteers don’t have undue influence on defense policy #WhoProfits

|@maddow ask #DemDebate candidates how to stop police from becoming new market for #MilitaryIndustrialComplex. #WhoProfits


Arnie Alpert

Arnie Alpert

Arnie Alpert is co-director of the American Friends Service Committee’s New Hampshire Program, which he has led since 1981.  In that time he has been involved in movements for economic justice and affordable housing, civil and worker rights, peace and disarmament, abolition of the death penalty, and an end to racism and homophobia.