Worms, Maggots, Special Interests: Talking with Ben Carson

Eric Zulaski on May 11, 2015
I asked Dr. Carson how we can prevent corporate lobbyists from dictating immigration policies like the immigrant detention quota system. He agreed that it is a problem. Dr. Carson said, "When you go and you look under the hood, you just want to turn and shut it back down. It’s full of worms and maggots."

Ben Carson and his wife, Candy, visited Blake's Restaurant in Manchester this morning.

I reached out and shook his hand as he approached. We spoke amidst clinking silverware and dishes as we stood between booths and the busboy station.

Here is a transcription of our conversation:

Me: Homeland Security has this quota system for detaining immigrants. Most of them are held in for-profit facilities. These prison corporations are lobbying for policies like this. How can we prevent corporate lobbyists from dictating our immigration policies?

Dr. Carson: We can just make a rule that they can’t do it. There’s so much crap. When you go and you look under the hood, you just want to turn and shut it back down. It’s full of worms and maggots. And it’s terrible. It’s gonna require some real courage to get rid of all of it. But there’s so many special interest groups who pull the strings for virtually everything. Everybody making their little profit, and utilizing, quite frankly, taxpayer's money to fill their own pockets. It’s pretty awful.

Me: We don’t have lobbyists. I don’t have a lobbyist. How can we level the playing field?

Dr. Carson: We can stop listening to the lobbyists. We can stop listening to the special interest groups. That’s the only way it can be done. It can’t be done any other way.

Candy Carson: Those people that say they’re going to represent you, vote them out. There’s websites where you can go and find out how they voted on any given issue when it comes to Senatorial and Congressional vote. We did a book on this last September titled “One Vote.” You can get it online. You might still be able to get it free online. The main thing is at the back. There are resources where you can go online to discover exactly how they did vote, not how they say they voted. Hold them accountable. Vote them out if they’re not representing you.

Dr. Carson: And that’s the key: accountability, which there doesn’t seem to be very much of anymore.

Me: Well, thank you very much for taking my question.

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