Why doesn't Hillary Clinton know immigrant detention quota?

Kevin Rutledge on November 11, 2014
Scattergood high school student asked a question to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about what she'll do to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on the federal budget mandate quota, calling for 34,000 immigrants detained daily, many in for-profit prisons. Her response, "I'll look into that question. Nobody's ever asked me that before."

Scattergood high school student and volunteer for AFSC's "Governing Under the Influence" Presidential Campaign Project asked a question to Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton about what she'll do to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on 34,000 mandatory immigrants detained daily in private for profit prisons. Her response, "Nobodys ever asked me that before."

Full conversation:

Scattergood student: “What steps will you take to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on government mandated “bed quotas” of 34,000 immigrants daily in private non-union prisons which profit from exploiting immigrants, prisoners, and their workers?”

Hillary Clinton: “Well can I take that? That’s a really long question” (She reads over it, hands to aide.)

Student: “You should come visit Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa.”

Clinton: "Oh are you there?"

Student: "Yeah, the three of us are."

Clinton: "Is it a Quaker School?"

Student: "It is."

Clinton: "My daughter went to a Quaker high school, Sidwell Friends School. So is it through high school?"

Student: "Yeah."

Clinton: "You guys wanna get a picture? Who’s got a camera? Give me your camera it’s easier to take it from this angle." (Hands camera to aide from behind barrier, takes picture with everybody.)

Clinton: "I’ll look into that question, nobody has ever asked me that before."

Cedar Rapids, IA
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