Walker to set up a waste, fraud, and corruption commission

John on August 21, 2015
Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker made a campaign appearance at One Mile West in Sunapee, N.H., on August 20, 2015 and answered John's question about the DOE's inspector general citing Lockheed-Martin for illegally used taxpayer money to lobby for more nuclear weapons contracts. Walker called for increasing military spending, but said he'd set up a commission to study waste, fraud, and corruption.

I asked him about the recent report from Reuters that the Pentagon had never undergone its legally required audit, and could not account for $8.5 trillion in taxpayer money.  I also asked about the report from the Department of Energy's Inspector General that Lockheed-Martin had illegally used taxpayer money to lobby for more nuclear weapons contracts. I pointed out that in this mess, those on active duty, veterans, their families, and taxpayers lose while defense contractors profit handsomely.  Then I asked what he would do about the problem.

Walker’s reply was actually quite interesting. He agreed that the problem I set forth was genuine and important. He stated that he had set up a waste, fraud, and corruption commission in Wisconsin and would do the same for the federal government as president, but added that the defense budget needs to be increased so the nation can protect itself and back its allies, though not as world policeman.

As for the waste, fraud, and corruption commission he proposes, I’m not sure whether Gov. Walker would use it for its stated purpose, or to lash out at his political opponents, or something of both.

On national security, Walker was critical of Obama who he said has “led from behind” and called for a return to the principles under President Reagan. “We rebuilt the military, we stood up for our allies, we stood up against our enemies and without apology, stood for stronger American values and that brought about one of the most peaceful times in modern American history.” He also said he would terminate the recently negotiated international nuclear deal with Iran.

I spoke to a reporter from the Valley News, but the story did not report on my question or my views on what Walker said. 

One Mile West Sunapee, NH
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