Walker: Iran Justifies Trillion Dollar US Nuclear Spending

Judy on July 17, 2015
Scott Walker views Iran’s potential nuclear capacity as a justification for expanded spending on US nuclear weapons.

Presidential candidate Scott Walker views Iran’s potential nuclear capacity as a justification for expanded spending on US nuclear weapons. Apparently the immense stockpile we have now isn’t strong enough for him.

Walker made his remarks on July 16, in response to a question I asked on WMUR’s “Conversation with the Candidate.” Yet despite his apparent concerns about Iran developing a nuclear weapon, two days later Walker said he would terminate the new Iranian nuclear agreement immediately after his inauguration. Walker also suggested he would be ready to take military action right away. (See Huffington Post including video commentary 7-20-15.)

While the US has thousands of nuclear warheads and fleets of bombers, subs, and missiles to deliver them, Iran has yet to build a single nuclear weapon. Walker’s approach is not unique, unfortunately. 

Here’s a transcript of our exchange on WMUR. It was aired July 17.

Judy: Governor, the U.S. still has almost 5000 nuclear weapons in its military stockpile, and many are on hair-trigger alert. And now the Obama Administration and the Pentagon plan to spend $1 trillion more on nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles. It’s going to be very profitable for the private weapons labs and for the Pentagon contractors. Do you support this plan?

Governor Walker: Well, I think overall we have to have the capacity to defend ourselves. And unlike when I came of age during the Cold War when we thought it was the old Soviet Union, today it’s not just places like Russia and China and elsewhere that [are] kind of a mixed bag. Increasingly, even with this recent deal proposed with Iran, I’m very concerned about their capacity to look at intercontinental ballistic missiles and their capacity there. I’m worried about what that could mean for the future, not just for Israel and others in the region, but potentially what it could mean for the United States. And on behalf of all of the children in this country I want to make sure that they are safe and sound for generations to come.

Judy: So do you support the plan?

Governor Walker: Well, I’m not necessarily supporting the Obama plan. I do believe though we need to have a nuclear triad which includes all three legs. And I think part of it goes beyond just what you asked about. I think we need to have a replacement for the Ohio-based nuclear submarines that are part of what kept us safe for so many years and we’ll be going forward.

Watch the conversation here, starting at minute 1:18.

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