Talking Crony Capitalism in Concord with Pataki

Olivia Zink on August 28, 2015
Standing outside Concord Camera, George Pataki said we have to break up the control over the country held by powerful interests. He favors banning members of Congress from becoming lobbyists and a simpler tax code. As for illegal lobbying by Sandia Labs, he said he's not surprised.

Olivia: I am concerned about crony capalism

Pataki: So am I. It's deadful.  Right now the insiders control Washington and it doesn't matter which party. There are over 400 former members of the House who are registered lobbyists. I would throw out the tax code which is all crony capaitist driven.  I would put a lifetime ban on anyone who has ever served in the House or Senate being a lobbyist. I would make Congress and their staff work under every law they impose on us. No special rules for them. We have to break the power hungry, the powerful in Washington control over our country. Six of the ten fastest growing conties in America surround Washington DC they don't make a thing except loopholes, exceptions and regulations. It's got to stop.

Olivia: I recently read about Sandia Labs who illegally used tax payer funds to lobby for more funds. 

Pataki: I am not surpised. We've got to stop it.

Olivia: How would you stop it?

Pataki: Some of the points I just raised. I would also throw out all of these breaks, credits. 1.4 trillion dollars a year that go to help the powerful and the connected, not the people.  Lower rates make them a lot simpler and I would be going with crony grants that are funding. The government shouldn't be picking winners and losser. 

Olivia: What about government grants to militarize the police?

Pataki: Government grants to governments are a different thing. You have to prudent about it. There is nothing wrong with the Federal government supporting local goverment depoending on what they are going.

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