Stop Private Prisons Incentive by Changing Mandatory Incarceration

Austin Henshaw on January 25, 2016
"There is an incentive to keep those prisons going. It's one of the fastest growing businesses we have," said Dr. Ben Carson on private prisons lobbying millions of dollars to incarcerate more people on Sunday Jan. 25th in Ames, Iowa. He continued by saying we need to change rules for mandatory incarceration rules and non-violent offenders.

Austin: "Hello Dr. Carson, so you mentioned helping people avoid the criminal justice system by helping them become productive members of society, which I really appreciated, so my question is in regards to private prisons actually. What would you do in regards to private prisons spending millions of dollars to lobby to incarcerate more people if one of your goals is to prevent people from becoming part of the criminal justice system?"

Dr. Ben Carson: "Well, yeah, we have a real problem here because we have five percent of the world’s population and twenty-five percent of the world’s prison inmates and there is an incentive to keep those prisons going. It’s one of the fastest growing businesses that we have. I think the way that we solve that problem is we change some of the mandatory incarceration rules. People who commit non-violent crimes, I think they still need to be punished, but they don’t necessarily need to be put into a prison. We take a lot of people who are non-violent, relatively innocent criminals, and we make them into hardened criminals by sending them to criminal university and then that affects the rest of us in a very negative way. So I think we have to find a different way of doing that, that will through attrition take care of the problem."

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