Should nuclear weapons contractors use taxpayers funds to lobby for more contracts?

Olivia Zink on July 07, 2015
When asked about how nuclear weapons contractors have used taxpayer funds to lobby for more contracts, Jindal said "if you give us more information, I am happy to look at it."

Olivia: Companies like Lockheed Martin have been using their contracts to lobby for more contracts. They were cited by the Department of Energy for illegally contracting to lobby for more contracts. If you were elected president, what will you do to ensure that these corporations cannot wield their influence to lobby for more influence?

Jindal: I have not seen that specific report, if you give us more information I am happy to look at it. I've said we need a lower flatter, tax code so we don’t have this crony capitalism in DC. I don’t know about the specific report, so if you give us the details, we'll be glad to look at it.

Olivia: What will you do to end crony capitalism?

Jindal: One thing is a lower flatter tax code. We need term limits. So these legislators can’t become lobbyists, we need to stop the revolving door to stop that influence.

Olivia: How will you stop the revolving door?

Jindal: Thank you all. I apologize we have to get to an event in Manchester


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