Senator Rand Paul on Big Money in Politics

Will Thomas on March 20, 2015
Will ran into Senator Rand Paul at the airport. After he introduced himself he asked Senator Paul about campaign finance reform and the pernicious effect of "big money" in politics. The Kentucky Senator basically agreed.

Will Thomas was waiting for his flight to Washington D.C. on March 20th when he saw Senator Rand Paul standing at a nearby gate, also waiting for his flight back to D.C.

Will approached Senator Paul, introduced himself, and asked him about campaign finance reform and the pernicious effect of "Big Money" in politics and how it has corrupted our political system.  Senator Paul basically agreed with what Will had said but said that it wasn't just corporate contributions and Super PACS that were the problem. Senator Paul mentioned that if limits were placed on corporate donations then so too should there be limits on labor union contributions. 

Should you run into Senator Paul yourself, ask him if he supports a constitutional amendment that would overturn the impact of the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision and enable Congress to adopt laws that would make such reforms possible.  

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