Senator Cruz questioned on corporate influence on immigration policy

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on June 29, 2015
Hector asked Senator Ted Cruz about for-profit prison companies lobbying successfully for policy requiring 34,000 immigrants be detained each day and what he would do to make sure private corporations aren't driving federal policy.

I was able to visit my alma mater and attend Senator Ted Cruz’s event at Drake University in Des Moines on June 27.

Adhering to the number one bird dog tip of “Arrive early,” I showed up a bit too early and was mistaken for a person volunteering for the event. After excusing myself from volunteer duties, I waited for the doors to open and was able to get a front row seat, being joined by Noma, a GUI volunteer.

Senator Cruz arrived and promptly began his speech, covering a wide array of topics and speaking for close to two hours, with no official Q&A afterwards. After finishing his speech, he naturally went down the front row shaking hands. Noma said she wasn’t comfortable asking the question, but she was OK recording our interaction.

The question I was hoping to ask was: “For-profit prison companies have successfully lobbied for a policy requiring 34,000 immigrants be detained each day. What would you do to make sure private corporations aren’t driving federal policy?”

We prepared for Senator Cruz and, as he neared me, I shook his hand and asked my question, which I had conveniently hidden in a pocket constitution his campaign staff had been handing out.

Senator Cruz said, “Well I certainly don’t think private corporations should drive federal policy. I haven’t looked at the specific question you asked, so I’m happy to look further into it.”

After he answered, I then asked for a picture. I approached a campaign staff member and told him I had asked Senator Cruz a question and wanted to provide information. The campaign staff member proceeded to give me the contact information necessary to follow up.

As I left the event, the Cruz campaign staff was handing out cookies, which I gladly took to enjoy for the road. 

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