Sanders Cites Eisenhower Warning on Military Industrial Complex

Olivia Zink on July 31, 2015
Bernie Sanders cites Eisenhower's warning about the power of the Military Industrial Complex and calls for the end to the revolving door between high military offices and jobs lobbying for corporations that make weapons.

After Bernie Sanders spoke for an hour at a hot, crowded community center in Franklin, Olivia was called on for a question .  She said, "Thank you for putting people power over corporate power. The DOE Inspector General cited Lockheed for illegally using taxpayer’s funds to lobby for more taxpayer funds to build nuclear wepaons. These corporations were rewarded with a $1 trillion in new spending for modernizing our nuclear weapons. What would you do if elected president so that corporations are not rewarded for illegal lobbying and instead are punished?"

Sanders said, "That's an important issue about the incredible power of corporate lobbyists.  Wall Street was deregulated because Wall Street spent 5 billion dollars over a ten year period.  Dwight D Eisenhower, in 1960, you remember what he warned us about?  The Military Industrial Complex. You have a lot of generals and admirals leave the military, work for corporations, and fight for weapons systems that in some cases we don't need. So we have got to put an end to this revolving door. When you leave government you're not going to be working for a private corporation."

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