Rubio says Corporations are NOT writing those laws

Olivia Zink on December 23, 2015
Marco Rubio says he gets asked "at every stop" about the role of private companies profiting from a federal policy requiring detention of 34,000 immigrants every day. But he insists corporations are not writing those laws, and that large-scale detention is necessary.

Olivia: I am very concerned. You have talked about how we need to enforce our immigration laws but a lot of times corporations are writing those laws. One example is the immigrant detention bed quota that in our federal budget we mandate that 34,000 beds are filled every night. What will you do to ensure that corporations are not writing the laws that they profit from?

Rubio: Corporations are NOT writing those laws.  What you are talking about is people that are arrested because they are in this country illegally, that because we have due process they have to be housed somewhere where they work through the system of deportation.  And so a discussion has been made at both the state and federal level -- this is a question we get at every stop because there is this group out there who is always talking about this issue, so that is where she is raising that question from -- and what happens is you've got to house them somewhere.

So you either go out and build a bunch of detention prisons or there are private companies that will do it for a fee. and there is some privatization that goes on in some governmental services and this is one of them.

This is why, if you don't enforce your immigration laws you don't have immigration laws. If any law you don't enforce you will not have. It is unfortunate, it is heartbreaking in many cases, these are sad stories but this country has to have immigration laws and they have to be enforced and if someone is in this county illegally they are going to be detained and they have to be housed and eventually they are going to be deported if you are enforcing your laws.

And that is where this situation comes from. We are going to continue to do that until we bring illegal immigration under control. It is unfortunate that a quarter of a million people enter the country or over-stay visas every single year illegally. But that's the circumstance we face and if we don't enforce our immigration laws then we really don't have immigration laws and it would make us one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t have immigration laws because every country in the world has immigration laws and everyone of them enforces them. And if you don't believe me then try immigrating into Guatemala or Mexico.  You will not like the facilities that they detain you in. So again we are going to enforce our immigration laws.

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