Rubio Ignores Ike's Warning

Dwight Haynes on November 05, 2015
Rev. Dwight Haynes waited outside the Secretary of State's office Thursday morning, hoping for chats with Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. Fiorina ignored him. Rubio didn't, but did not share Dwight's concern about the influence of the military industrial complex.

Dwight Haynes, a retired Methodist minister, positioned himself outside the office of New Hampshire's Secretary of State when Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio were expected to drop by and file their official candidacy papers.

Rubio arrived first.  

"Do you share Dwight Eisenhower's concern about the growing military-industrial-complex?" Dwight asked the Florida Senator.

Rubio responded, "we need to rebuild the military."

When Fiorina arrive a couple hours later, she was too busy autographing campaign signs for her supporters to speak to Dwight.  He tried to ask his question, nonetheless.  “She was focused on getting in the door,” he said, and went past him without responding.  Someone else should give her a chance to say whether the wisdom of a 5-Star General who became president is worth her attention. 

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