Rubio Calls for Disclosure, not Limits

Connie on October 07, 2015
Asked about the increasing influence of corporations and wealthy donors in the wake of the Citizens United decision, Marco Rubio equated campaign donations with free speech.

Connie went to Senator Marco Rubio's town hall meeting in Dover.  As the Senator was trying to leave, she was able to get him to recognize her for one last question.

"In the wake of Citizens United," she asked, "we are seeing our government controlled by large companies and a few wealthy individuals."   Others have called for a Constitutional Amendment, she said, and asked, "What is your solution?”

"I belive in the First Amendment," Rubio said.  "Americans have a right to participate in the political process and you have a right to know who they are...When someone contributes to me, theiyre buying into my agenda, I’m not buying into theirs."

Connie's question starts at 0:42 of the audio recording.     

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