Rubio call for "more accountability in the way we deliver defense projects".

Olivia Zink on June 25, 2015
Senator Rubio said, "I don't believe people are being jailed for purposes of providing 'clients' to a private company," despite evidence that this is exactly what's going on as a result of the immigrant detention quota Rubio also said states have found outsourcing prisons to be more cost effective, when there is no evidence that for-profit incarceration saves money. Rubio did call for "more accountability in the way we deliver defense projects."

Olivia did not get to ask a question during the formal "Conversation with the Candidates" event with Senator Marco Rubio at WMUR.  But she did get to speak with him after the program.  Here's what they had to say to each other.

Olivia:  I am concerned with crony capitalism.

Rubio: You should be

Olivia: What will you do to address those corporation that are profit from incarceration and the military industrial complex?

Rubio: I think we need more accountability on the way we deliver defense projects today. I actually think a good example is the space program. We only have a handful of defense contracts capable of building a ship or an airplane. That is a strategy advantage that they allow them to over bid and over price. Once they get a bid, change with cost overruns and rise up the cost. So I think we have to open up defense contracts to more mid-size firms so that there is more competition.  I think that is nearly impossible to do.

You asked about incarceration. That decision that states made to provide a service it is more cost effective to outsource then to build it and run it with government employees. That is a state based decision. Some states like it and some states don't. It depends on how it works out and who they hire to do. The high rate of incarceration is largely being driven by that fact we have minimum mandatory minimum rule. On the one hand. People don't like it, we keep people for a long time, yet the murder rate is at an all time low. So it is something that we need to be very careful with about tinkering with.

I don't believe people are being jailed for purposes of providing 'clients' to a private company, at least I haven't seen it in Florida when I was in the legislature.

Olivia: There are 34,000 immigrates that being detained daily...

Rubio: Sure

Olivia: ... because bed mandate that is in the federal budget that Geo Group and others have lobbied for. (interrupted by campaign aide) 

Rubio: The bottom line with that is we need to enforce our immigration laws. Every country in the world enforce and the problem that we not enforcing our laws and that is luring other people to come here illegally and that is from someone who wants to reform immigration.

Sen. Rubio ought to look more closely at evidence that the quota does drive immigrant detention and bulk up the profits of for-profit prison operators.  He also ought to look into evidence that private prisons do not save money for taxpayers.  What is driving migration is economic desperation and violence; that's what needs attention.  


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