Rick Perry Doesn't Know about Immigrant Detention Quota

Nancy on May 08, 2015
Nancy went to see Rick Perry May 8 in Rochester. He didn't know about the "Bed Mandate," so Nancy will follow up.

I went to see Rick Perry May 8 in Rochester.  He didn't know about the Bed Mandate [the policy that sets a quota for immigrant detention and fills the coffers at for-profit prison companies] so I'll be following up with him.

He's all about border security and big energy.   He also thinks Mexico will be more stable shortly because of their increasing energy supply.  I'll follow up by asking him if any of that increased revenue will actually "trickle down" to the impoverished folks crossing that border. 

The guy sitting next to me was all about fiscal responsibility.   He wanted to find out where the $$ were coming from to increase the border security Perry wants.  Perry said something like "go fishing where the fish are."


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