Rand Paul: we should keep profit from getting in the way of Justice

Noma Shields on July 07, 2015
GUI volunteer Noma attended the Des Moines Campaign Office Opening of Rand Paul, and asked him about corporations driving federal policy.

During the opening of Rand Paul’s Des Moines Campaign headquarters, Rand Paul started the evening by taking photos with his supporters. After he was done taking pictures, he began to speak on multiple issues. These issues included the privacy of citizens in the United States, health care, and insuring that all 10 of the amendments on bill of rights would be adhered to if he were to be president. Once he completed his speech, he motioned to the back while taking pictures for the media. Seeing there was no official Q&A session to ask questions to Rand Paul, I stepped forward to ask him a question I had been preparing for since the Ted Cruz event at Drake University.

The question was: “For profit prison companies have successfully lobbied for a policy requiring 34,000 immigrants to be detained each day. What will you do to make sure private corporations aren’t driving federal policy?”

As I asked him the question, he motioned for me to walk and talk with him, and Hector walked behind me filming my interaction with Rand Paul.

 Rand Paul initially answered the question vaguely by describing the economic hardships that detainee’s face which deter them from getting out of prison. He did not answer my specific question, and went around the issue of detainee’s being arrested for petty crimes and not having the money to pay the fines. He ended the interaction stating “I am aware of the problem and I think we need to make sure profit isn’t getting in the way of justice.”

Although he did not answer my specific question, it was great to hear him acknowledge the importance of making sure profit is not in the way of justice. 

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