Rand Paul wants to Reduce All Spending

Will Thomas on September 25, 2015
Asked about spending on "guns" or "butter," Sen. Rand Paul said he wants to spend less on both.

At a New England College town hall meeting, Senator Rand Paul was introduced by a student.  He began his remarks by speaking about legalizing marijuana and criticized some of his opponents in both parties.  He described himself as a constitutionalist who loves the 10th amendment and all that entails for narrowing the scope of the federal government.

Will was the third questioner.  So, he decided to frame the question around spending priorities regarding the 60's and 70's topic of "Guns or Butter.”

"I started off with the Obama and Pentagon plan to up-grade the nuclear triad, the nuclear arsenal, to the cost of about 1 $Trillion dollars, and whether or not he would support this expense," Will reported.

Before Paul could answer, Will added that another senator had proposed spending about a trillion dollars to repair and rebuild our crumbling, decaying infrastructure, our bridges and roads.  "I mentioned more spending on affordable housing, job training, education and healthcare. I also mentioned that developing a high-speed rail system should be a spending priority as well.

Will finished up by asking, “What is your position on spending -- 'Guns or Butter?' Or 'Guns and Butter?'”

Senator Paul went into a short explanation about the sequestration legislation that Congress passed but that the "defense hawks" abhorred. So, according to Paul, Congress has ignored the Simpson-Bowles formula for controlling federal spending, and noted that the spending on "defense" is now higher due to a special fund, the "Overseas Contingency Fund," which pays for military operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East.  

Senator Paul said his position was funding for "Guns" and funding for "Butter" should both be reduced. As for the first question concerning the money for modernizing the nuclear triad, "he just ignored it," Will reported.

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