O'Malley says yes to ending immigrant detention quota

Elizabeth Ropp on August 26, 2015
Gov. Martin O'Malley spoke to a group of 50 at a law firm in downtown Manchester. The event was casual. His speech was brief, then answered a question saying he would end the federal immigrant detention quota and stop locking up immigrants for the benefit of private corporations.

Elizabeth: I have a question. I’m Elizabeth, I live in Manchester. Thank you for coming. My question is about the federal detention quota, our federal budget requires that 34,000 immigrants are detained each night. Will you stop locking up immigrants for the benefit of private corporations and end the detention quota?

Governor Martin O'Malley: Yes. And let me talked more about immigration reform. There's a couple of other things that I did not mention that would get wages going in the right direction and make our economy work better. One of them is getting 11 million of our neighbors out of the underground economy and off to the books of an open American society. So I put out about 7 pretty comprehensive policy proposals. One is on immigration reform and you can read it in full and it was received very well. In fact, Jorge Ramos said it was the best one that any one candidate has put out. I talk in there about committing to extending executive action to cover more people than even the president does. And I also talk about ending the policy of for-profit prisons. We never had for-profit prisons in Maryland. Frankly, well yes, we have to make sure that we protect the public safety and that's an important consideration. Another important consideration is keeping families together. And it is appalling, the way we are now interning behind barbed wire fence and chain link fence, women and children and families, for months and months on end.

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