O'Malley says shift funds from nukes to cybersecurity

Arnie Alpert on November 30, 2015
Governor O'Malley said money should be shifted from nuclear weapons to improved cybersecurity measures.

A long line snaked from the Radisson's parking garage to the banquet hall where the Jefferson Jackson Dinner would be held. I was taking a short cut through the corridor in the opposite direction to join GUI banner-holders on Bridge Street by the parking garage entrance when I saw Governor Martin O'Malley working his way down the line, shaking hands.

"This is Representative Barbara French," I said to the governor, and mentioned we had been discussing my recent article on the trillion dollar nuclear weapons overhaul plan.

O'Malley, who had just had a short conversation with nuclear abolition activists from Global Zero, told me he favors shifting funds from nuclear weapons to cybersecurity.  I'm looking forward to learning more of what he has in mind.   

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Arnie Alpert

Arnie Alpert

Arnie Alpert is co-director of the American Friends Service Committee’s New Hampshire Program, which he has led since 1981.  In that time he has been involved in movements for economic justice and affordable housing, civil and worker rights, peace and disarmament, abolition of the death penalty, and an end to racism and homophobia.