O'Malley calls for public funding of elections

Sally on November 13, 2015
Sally took Gov. O'Malley's hand as he exited the Secretary of State's office. He told her about his 15-point plan to reduce the influence of big money in the political process. The plan includes publicly funded elections.

On November 4 at 8:35 a.m., Martin O'Malley arrived at the Secretary of State's office to officially file for the NH Primary. Strategically positioned at the door, I grasped his hand as he was leaving and recited my prepared remarks.

I said I was impressed with a film clip showing him on Wall Street, playing a guitar and singing an old Woody Guthrie song. My question was, How did he propose to reduce the influence of Big Money in politics to ensure that "This land really belongs to you and me"?

Governor O. replied that he had a 15-point plan on his website, which included campaign finance reform, and that -- among other things -- he would institute publicly funded elections for members of Congress within five years. (On checking his website later, I found his campaign reform proposals ran to four pages.)

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