No revolving door in Huckabee Cabinet

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on January 07, 2016
When asked whether his cabinet would be free of people who made careers out of the revolving door between government service and service to corporate interests, Governor Mike Huckabee stated "To every degree I could."

Katherine, myself, and GUI volunteer Mitch went to see Mike Huckabee at the Drake Community Library in Grinnell.

We arrived early and spread out, and sat patiently for Mike Huckabee to arrive. When he did arrive, he went around the room shaking hands with everyone in the room, including yours truly, and catching me off guard when I had taken off my glasses to rub my eyes.

Huckabee quickly shook my hand and worked his way to the stage, where he talked about the importance of caucusing in Iowa and what he would do if elected president. He spoke for half an hour and then began taking questions, giving long answers before finally choosing Katherine who then asked Governor Huckabee:

"Can we expect a Huckabee cabinet to be free of people who have made careers of the revolving door between government service and service to corporate interests?"

Huckabee was a little confused and thought Katherine meant if he would have actual revolving doors in his White House, but after some clarification, he responded to her original question. “To every degree I could. Absolutely. You know, I have never been funded by those folks. They don’t like me. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the money trail, take a look at where a candidate’s money comes from. You know why I don’t have as much money as some of the others? It’s cause some money they will never give to me.”

Huckabee then went on to talk for another two minutes, focusing on how he had not accepted money from donors whose views conflicted with his, but he did address the question Katherine asked him. 

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