Never be afraid to try

Gail on April 28, 2015
Never be afraid to try. Not all bird-dog attempts are successes but it is good to try.... rise up and try again and again

Okay there were 60 spaces in the very old community center.. 28 chairs..It was invitation only rsvp.. We were told to stand by Yvonne, who was very sweet and she would try to get us in. We waited 10 minutes and she let us in. We saw no press but someone was filming it.

Carly Fiorina got up and gave a speech. She even bent into the crowd when they smiled at her.  She talked round and round and repeated her statements at least 3 times, like they were memorized, on being able to do anything if you put your mind to it. She was a secretary in a real estate office of 7 until two fellow men came to her and said she could do more and they would help her achieve that. This was the start of her business career.

She said little about running for President. She said she had been in NH often.. They limited questions to the audience.. Only 3 questions were taken.

They stopped questions.. and that was that.  I was going to approach her but she left and was off to an event in Concord.

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