Martin O'Malley unaware of private prisons, opposed to their existence.

Kathleen McQuillen on April 09, 2015
O’Malley: “What? Where are they? …We don’t have private prisons in Maryland.” I don’t support private prisons.”

Arriving a bit late at a neighborhood Irish pub in Beaverdale, IA,  former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, seemed eager to take the stage and after throwing out the obligatory thank yous to all the local pols, he launched into his brief comments.

Right off he noted his leadership in passing a Maryland Dream Act and then ticked off a series of accomplishments and started to leave the stage.

I was disappointed, as were a couple of new allies, that he wasn’t taking questions. So unsuccessfully we chanted for Q & A.

Having worked with Kevin and Josh on the questions I was pretty determined to get my question before O’Malley.

I waited patiently as he spoke with one person for an extended time. As that conversation wrapped up I put one hand on his shoulder to get his attention. It didn’t work so I put a hand on both shoulders and he finally turned my way.

“Gov. O’Malley thank you for your work in support of the Dreamers. I am concerned however, about the degree to which private profit seems to be driving our immigration policies. Families, including children, are being held in private detention centers that corporations like CCA and the GEO group are lobbying Congress for and pushing for increasing immigrant detentions.’

O’Malley: “What? Where are they?  …We don’t have private prisons in Maryland.”

As we were getting pushed apart I asked to whom in his campaign I speak with about such. He gave me a campaign website card. He then called over his shoulder, “I don’t support private prisons.”

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