Lincoln Chafee: Not a fan of for-profit anything

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on September 02, 2015
When asked a question on the immigrant detention mandate and corporations driving the policy, Governor Lincoln Chafee stated he is not in favor of "for-profit anything".

While attending the #UniteIowa on Immigration Forum, I was able to talk to Governor Lincoln Chafee about the immigrant detention mandate and ask him what he would do to end the quota and make sure private corporations are not driving our federal policy.

After watching candidates Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee speak on their distinctive policies on immigration reform, I proceeded to the table where I had left GUI material, and ran into Governor Chafee. I asked him:

“Many immigrant detention centers are owned by for-profit prisons that lobby Congress for policies like the 34,000 detention mandate. What would you do, if elected president, to limit corporations driving our federal policy?”

Governor Chafee responded by stating he is “not a fan of for-profit anything” and continued that “government should own certain things.”

I wasn’t sure if he had understood my question, so I followed up by directly asking him what he would do to end the policy of 34,000 immigrants being detained each day--to which he replied “Change it, yeah change it, and I have a record of doing that.” 

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