Kasich Supports De-Alerting Nuclear Missiles

John Raby on February 02, 2016
John Kasich said, yes, of course he would take nuclear missiles off hair trigger alert. Then he said de-alerting would be hard to accomplish given the huge size of the Pentagon bureaucracy.

Gov. Kasich began with a speech during which he called for a spending freeze on domestic programs and increased spending on defense. Almost immediately afterward, I asked him if he would take our nuclear missiles off hair trigger alert if he were president. "Of course!," he exclaimed, and added that only considerations of national security should shape our national defense.

He went on to warn that while taking missiles off hair trigger alert is possible, it would be "hard to do," and require streamlining the Pentagon's 900,000 person bureaucracy and controlling inter-service rivalry to get done. On the surface, his answer was positive and he acknowleldged the seriousness of the problem, but he left himself ways out. In that respect, both his direct speech and quick and shrewd mind were quite evident.

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