Kasich Says He'll Investigate For-Profit Detention

Nancy on July 13, 2015
When Nancy discussed immigration reform and immigrant detention with John Kasich, the Ohio governor said he would look into the relationship between corporate cronyism and the detention of immigrants in for-profit prisons.

Nancy asked Governor John Kasich if he would deport millions of immigrants, including friends and neighbors she knows from church.  Kasich said he does not want to deport them, but neither does he support a way for them to become US citizens.   

Nancy then implored him to investigate the role of for-profit prison corporations, which have lucrative contracts to detain immigrants.   She suggested this is an example of corporate cronyism, given the cozy relationships between the corporations and members of Congress that they support with campaign donations.    In response to her question that he look into the issue, Kasich
loudly said, "I promise I will."  Nancy says that as she was leaving, he 
called back and said, "I'm not sure what I'll find." 

"I'm not sure what he'll choose to see when he looks but I'm sure glad he intends to look.  I'll  follow up to make sure he stays on track," Nancy said. 

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