Kasich Questioned on Quota and Ike's Warning

Mark Barker on December 21, 2015
Dwight and Mark were able to ask Kasich questions on who profits from war and prisions. Kasich called for a military build-up. We still don't know what he thinks about the immigrant detention quota.

Dwight and John attended John Kasich's town hall meeting.  Dwight was able to ask about his namesake, Dwight Eisenhower, and what the former president called the “unwarranted influence of the military industrial complex."

Kasich commented that we need to "build a stronger miltary," with no reference to the weapons contractors as a driving factor behind excessive spending and perpetual war.

Mark had the penultimate question, and asked "How can we make sure companies that run private prisons aren’t influencing our immigration and sentencing policies?"

Kasich said "Oh, I've  heard that question before and it seems wrong to me."

Mark stood up and handed Kasich a copy of AFSC's paper on "How for-profit prison corporations shape immigrant detention and deportation policies." 

Mark was sitting by Kasich's wife who thanked Mark for his question.  But what the Ohio governor meant still seems vague to us.

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