Kasich on money in politics: It's an issue and it will be dealt with

Joe Bagshaw on July 23, 2015
At the Gibson Center for Senior Services in North Conway, Joe Bagshaw asked John Kasich about money in politics and corporate personhood. After initial confusion, Kasich agreed that something needs to be done so that billionaires don't get to pick who gets elected.

On July 23rd Governor John Kasich visited the Gibson Center for Senior Services in North Conway. Our bird-dog, Joe Bagshaw was there. 

"Governor what would you do to end corruption of our government by big money, and more specifically, would you support and work for a constitutional amendment clarifying that the constitution applies to natural persons only?" he asked.

Governor Kasich responded with "What do you mean by that? Do you mean if someone comes into the country?...."

"No, no, no," Joe said.  "'Natural persons' is the legal term for human beings. In other words, as one of my friends in our own state legislature put it, 'if it ain't got a belly button, it ain't a person.'"

Kasich still appeared to not completely understand the question, so another attendee hopped in, stating "I think what he's talking about is the Democrats have this big thing about corporations. A corporation is not a person, whereas in law a corporation is a person, it's all legal."

"Citizens United," someone else blurted.

Kasich then appeared to have a better understanding of the situation.  "Oh you're talking about all the campaign finance stuff," he said.  "Is that what you're talking about?"

When Joe said "yes," Kasich went on.

"I'd like to say a couple things about campaign finance laws," the Ohio governor said.  "First of all it is a bad system when billionaires can be the ones to pick a president, I don't like that.  If I win, I probably will like it more," he joked.  "If I lose, I will say the system is bad."

"Here is the thing," Kasich said, "every time we change the campaign finance laws, it gets worse. So I've been thinking about it with a lot of my friends, what should this thing look like? And I got a million things to do, okay? I got Social Security, the debt, the border, defense, everything, I don't know what we should do at this point. If you've got ideas, send them to me about what you think we should do. But my sense is a handful of people should not be picking presidents, and here is the beauty of New Hampshire. The beauty of New Hampshire is they could spend all the money in the world but money don't buy you love in New Hampshire. So sir, I'm concerned about it, and I will have something to say about it at an appropriate time, but I want to think it through...I think there is an element of fundraising influencing decisions... It's an issue and it will be dealt with."

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