Kasich: "I do not like a system where billionaires decide"

Olivia Zink on May 08, 2015
Olivia asked John Kasich about "crony capitalism" at a WMUR "Conversation with the Candidate" program. The Ohio governor said " I do not like a system where billionaires can decide who will be the next president," and expressed interested in continued discussion of reforms.

This report is excerpted from the conversation between Olivia and John Kasich. It begins at 7:53 minutes into the show.

Olivia: Giant corporations have seen unlimited funds to buy insider access to Congress. What steps will you take on lobby reform, campaign contributions and the revolving door? And how will you prevent crony capitalism from corrupting our government and economy?

Kasich: First of all we did campaign finance reform with McCain-Feingold. Now we have a campaign finance system that we don’t like... I think campaign finance has to constantly be looked at and I do not like a system where billionaires can decide who will be the next president. I don't like that…We can have these legalistic changes and I am all in favor of constructive ones. It's all about what is going on up here [points to his head]. That you are more interested in serving, then serving yourself or worrying about re-elections… I did an interview just recently, I said if I win I will say the system is good and if don't. I will blame the system. Just kidding...So let's think about it together.

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