Kaisch says quotas should not drive detention policy

David Blair on December 29, 2015
After more than a dozen times getting asked about the immigrant detention mandate, John Kasich finally said incarceration rates should not be governed by a quota system.

I attended the Kasich event Tuesday, December 29 in Keene.

I followed up on Mark Barker's report from December 21, reading Mark's question and Kasich's response aloud and asking Governor Kasich to clarify his answer. 

He stated clearly that he does not think quotas should drive detention policy.  He asked his aides to note the question and said he'd have more to say once he's heard what "the other side" has to say on this.  I gave a copy of Mark's report to Scott Blake, his regional political director, and told him about GUI. 

Kasich asked me where I'd heard about this.  I told him about AFSC, he asked me what that is, so I told him that, too. 

Kasich also talked about his leadership in getting the B-2 bomber program cut back, from 130 to 20 bombers.  I'd have loved to ask him a second question about his position on excess military spending and the influence of contractors today, but didn't get the chance.  He apparently favors balancing the budget by freezing most discretionary non-defense spending. 

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