Jeb wants more information about the Detention Quota

Miranda Myers on November 19, 2015
When I spoke with Jeb Bush at the State House in Concord he asked for more information about legislation to end the immigrant detention quota.

Today I spoke with Jeb Bush at the State House in Concord on his way up to the Secretary of State’s office to file.  The Governor walked out of the visitor’s center with a big smile on his face as I approached him with hand fully extended, and kind smile. He took my hand and asked “How are you?” I responded with “My names Miranda, and I’m well how are you?” he smiled and continued walking “I quickly placed myself beside him before stating “Last week in Franklin you spoke out against the Immigrant Detention Quota, I was interested to see if you would support legislation against it?” With his eyes straight forward he responded “Yes, I need more information on that, I believe I asked last time” Arnie who was by my side quickly responded with “Yes, how can we get that to you?” Jeb responded with his email address and said “Okay?” I said “yes, thank you” before shaking his hand again and thanking him for coming.

Secretary of State's Office; State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
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