Jeb Bush on For-profit Prisons and Immigrant Detention: Federal Governments Responsibility

Diego Salamanca on June 18, 2015
Governor Jeb Bush was asked about immigrant detention in Pella, IA.

I was able to attend Governor Jeb Bush’s town hall meeting on Main Street in Pella, Iowa. When I arrived at the event, my brother and I found a place to sit towards the middle of the crowd and sat patiently for Bush to arrive.

When Bush started speaking, the crowd began to get excited, and the vibe of the crowd began to change with a more enthusiastic tone even though it was blistering hot. His staff began to dispense popsicles to the crowd as he continued with his speech.

After Governor Bush had finished his speech, he looked as if he was trying to decide whether or not to have a Q&A, but he decided to go for it and began taking questions. The questions were all very different, ranging from the economy to campaign finance reform. Soon it was my turn to ask a question, and a staffer handed me the microphone.

The question I asked was: “For-profit prison companies have successfully lobbied for a policy requiring 34,000 immigrants to be detained each day. Will you end this policy?”

Bush responded by stating, “Well, they are contracted by the federal government and that’s the federal government’s responsibility. So, if people have committed crimes, they should be deported.”

He went on to lay out his plan for immigration reform and differentiating between good immigrants and bad immigrants; his remarks were met with applause at the end.

Molengracht Plaza
700 Main Street
Pella, IA 50219
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