Jeb Bush at NEC

David Erikson on February 02, 2016
Jeb discussed the Citizens United ruling.

Jeb Bush said he was willing to respond to questions, even from people who disagreed with him. So when I was called on I began by saying that this might be a question from someone who disagreed with him. I asked, "Because of the unlimited amounts of money now allowed to be donated to PACs, and how difficult it is for a newcomer to raise the funds needed for a congressional race,for example, do you believe we should make changes to campaign finance rules,or work to change the Citizens United ruling?"

In his response, Bush noted that Bernie has no SuperPAC, and he has shown this cycle that you can raise plenty of money. Then he talked about the need to reform the creation of House districts and said the Supreme Court would have to make any changes to Citizens United.

I interjected that we could change it by having enough states pass a call to overturn it.

He said, "yes we could do that."

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