Jeb Bush on Immigrant Detention Mandate: Congress can't dictate that

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on October 08, 2015
In Indianola, IA, Christian Ucles asked Governor Jeb Bush a question on the immigrant detention mandate and corporations driving federal policy. Governor Bush stated Congress can not dictate the detention of immigrants and that he did not know enough of the detention mandate.

There is nothing more Iowan than a presidential candidate visiting a Pizza ranch, and after not being able to ask Governor Jeb Bush a question at an earlier event, Christian and I drove down to Indianola, Iowa to speak with him. We arrived early enough to buy some pizza and get a front row seat, and eagerly awaited the arrival of Governor Bush.

When Bush arrived, he quickly went to the front, spoke briefly, and began to take questions. Although we had sat in the front, Christian was not able to ask a question so we approached Governor Bush to ask him the following question:

Many immigrant detention centers are owned by for profit prisons that lobby Congress for policies like the 34,000 Detention mandate. What would you do to make sure corporations aren't driving federal policy?

I had to weave back and forth due to a staff person trying to block me from recording Governor Bush’s answer, but Governor Bush did respond saying “Congress can’t dictate that, that’s an executive branch decision.”

Christian tried to follow up on that statement, but Governor Bush cut him off and replied “Once in office, we’ll secure the border so we don’t have to detain people that long, and we’ll create a legal immigration system that will raise our values and move us forward where we can create economic growth. Look this guy, this president, had two years to do something, had sixty votes in the senate and got nothing done.”

Christian then interrupted and mentioned how the Latino community has been critical of the policies of the President’s administration, and Governor Bush then stated “I don’t know enough about the detention facilities, other than they are overcrowded…”

Christian interrupted Governor Bush one last time stating “…they’ve been overcrowded, been run by for-profit prisons, that I think is basically using people as subsidies, that’s something we are against.”

After this last exchange, Governor Bush responded with "Well I agree with that” before walking away to shake hands with his supporters. 

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