Huckabee says immigrant detention quota is "crazy"

Olivia Zink on October 16, 2015
Mike Huckabee told Olivia he was not aware of the immigrant detention quota. When she described it, he said "that's crazy."

Olivia spoke with Mike Huckabee at the Airport Diner. After talking about music, his family and the role of big money in our political process during the WMUR "Candidate Cafe," she asked him more about the detention quota. Here's a transcript:

Olivia: One of the issues we didn't talk about is mass incarceration.

Huckabee: Yeah

Olivia: There is a mandate in the federal budget that requires 34,000 people to be incarcerated every day. I didn't know if you would end some of these quotas on mass incarceration.

Huckabee: My prison record used to say it best -- We lock up a lot of people that we are mad at rather than the ones we are afraid of.  Honestly, not everybody needs to be locked up.  Some of them need to be in treatment centers. They don't have a criminal problem, they have an addiction issue.

Olivia:   There's one of the quotas, 34,000 immigrants a day, that are locked up, and most of them are locked in for-profit prisons.

Hucakbee: I wasn't aware of that

Olivia: When you talking about the lobbyists driving it, and the lobbyists for these for-profit prisons have tried to ensure that we have these quotas.

Huckabee: That's crazy.  Thanks for coming.

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