HRC abolition nuclear weapons

Judy Elliott on December 04, 2015
Hillary Clinton says she will look into proposals to take nuclear missiles off hair trigger alert.
I went to Hillary's town hall in Dover.  I did not get recognized during the public session, but I did speak to her afterwards on the rope-line.  I recorded our exchange, & here it is:

Judy:   I have a question for you.   Do you support the goal of abolition nuclear weapons?

Hillary Clinton:  The goal?  Yes, absolutely.

Judy:  And do you support General Cartwright’s plan for de-alerting?

Hillary Clinton:  I don’t know what it is, I can’t, I can’t …  I’ll look it up.  I’ll look it up.  I know Cartwright, so I’ll look it up.

Judy:  Okay, thank you.

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