Hillary Clinton says $1T Nuclear Weapons Plan Doesn't Make Sense

Kevin Rutledge on January 06, 2016
When asked if Hillary Clinton opposes the $1 trillion nuclear weapons plan on a new generation of nuclear weapons systems that will enrich military contractors and set off a new global arms race, she said "Yeah I’ve heard about that. I’m going to look into that.That doesn’t make sense to me."

After speaking with John Kasich in the morning about the military-industrial complex, I decided to stand in line and wait for hours in the evening to ask Hillary Clinton a question about the one trillion dollar nuclear weapons plan. Meanwhile, my friends were outside the event with banners and handing questions to attendees about both of these issues.  

Hillary Clinton didn’t take questions from the audience of over 600 people in Des Moines. I was up front next to the barricade while she shook hands and took pictures.

I reached my hand out and asked, “Do you oppose plans to spend a trillion dollars on an entire new generation of nuclear weapons systems that will enrich the military contractors and set off a new global arms race?”

“Yeah I’ve heard about that,” Clinton replied. “I’m going to look into that. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

I encouraged her to look into the issue saying, “Okay yeah, I hope you look into this. We can’t have that” as she walked away acknowledging she would look into it.

After capturing the interaction on video, I was interviewed by a South Korean news channel and took a selfie with the crew.  

Lee Fang, an investigative journalist with The Intercept, also wrote about my interaction with Hillary Clinton titled Hillary Clinton Suggests She May Oppose Obama's $1 Trillion Nuclear Arms Upgrade.

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