Graham Speaks Out Against "Unlimited Money" in Politics

Joe on October 18, 2015
Senator Lindsey Graham thinks a constitutional amendment is needed to get big money out of politics, but that we won't get one until after some huge scandal.

Joe Bagshaw was called on by Senator Lindsey Graham, and asked, "Senator,  you have repeatedly said and I agree that we must have a constitutional amendment in order to end the corruption in our elections?  Graham said, "after Citizens United, probably so.

Joe went for a follow-up.  "Why have you not co-sponsored one of the pending bills or ordered up a bill?," he asked.

Graham said he wasn't happy with any of the versions that have been proposed, which he charaterized as too pro-union.  He didn't directly answer Joe's question about introducing his own.  But he did say, "unlimited money from unknown people is going to be a problem for everyone in this room."

Short of a big scandal, Graham thinks change is unlikely. 

In the meantime, he says, "just make it transparent. So you know were the money is coming from and the idea of putting every donation on the internet. Count me in for that. Atleast you know were I am getting my money."

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