Governor Pataki On Corporations Driving Federal Policy: "get rid of the exemptions and loopholes that empower the powerful"

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on July 13, 2015
Hector attended Governor George Pataki's event in Des Moines and asked a question on immigration detention and for profit companies driving federal policy in Des Moines, IA.

I had the opportunity to attend Governor George Pataki’s event in Des Moines.

Since the event was to occur only a few short hours after I saw the initial posting, I originally planned to bring the banners and drive over to the event, with the plan to post up and have the banners present.

As I drove to the event, I realized it was really close to my youngest brother’s summer school program, and after consulting with my mother, I picked him up for his first bird dogging experience.

As we arrived at the event, I explained to my brother how he could help and if he could ask a question, which he agreed to do. We were able to enter the event without any issue, and sat down as Governor Pataki began to speak.

After finishing his speech, my brother turned to me and said he did not feel comfortable asking the question, so he decided to film instead.

After answering two questions and looking around the room, Pataki finally saw my hand, and as I stood up, I began.

My question was: “For-profit companies have successfully lobbied for a policy requiring 34,000 immigrants to be detained each day. What would you do to make sure private corporations aren’t driving federal policy?”

Governor Pataki started off by stating, “Now that’s a much broader question and I think it’s an important question. How are you going to stop private corporations from driving federal policy?”

Pataki continued: “It’s not just on the question of detention. It’s a question on that $1.3 trillion on exemption and loopholes. It’s why those wealthy counties surround Washington because you hire lobbyists, you hire lawyers, and you get tax breaks and regulatory breaks and you get contracts and we have to stop that. We have to reform the way the government operates, like I said you serve one day in Congress, never be a lobbyist…. Congress has to live under the rules they apply to us….”

At that point, Pataki went on a tangent about the tax code, which I thought he was going to continue with until he stated “…but that’s another issue. So we have to reform the way the government operates, get rid of the exemptions and loopholes that empower the powerful whether they are private companies, or the teacher’s union, or the trial lawyers and take government back to the people.”

He finished answering my question by discussing a law regarding immigration and stopping children from entering the United States through the United States and Mexico border.




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