Governor Kasich on Police Militarization "Well that's local control"

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on July 28, 2015
While visiting GUI New Hampshire, Hector was able to attend Governor Kasich's town hall meeting in the affluent town of Wolfboro, New Hampshire.

During my visit to New Hampshire I attended Governor John Kasich’s event in Wolfboro along with AFSC colleagues Olivia Zink and Kenyatta James. Each of us had prepared a question to ask the governor.

After Kasich delivered his speech, he began to take questions. Sitting directly in front of him, I was all ready to ask him mine.

I raised my hand each time during the official Q&A, but he did not call on me, even though we made eye contact. Although somewhat discouraged, I suspected after the official Q&A there would be an opportunity to interact with him.

My assumption proved correct, and I was able to ask Governor Kasich the following question:

“In recent years local police forces have been acquiring military weapons and vehicles. This harms our communities, but it is good for the bottom lines of the companies that sell these goods to the government. What will you do to limit the influence of companies that profit from militarization of our local police?”

Before I was able to finish the last portion of the question, Kasich answered “Well that’s local control, that’s local control. You work with your local city council and all that.”


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