Governor Jindal wants to limit Congress from becoming lobbyists but spend more on military

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on November 02, 2015
Governor Jindal was asked about his policies if elected for president would be in the interest of the public good instead of corporate interest. Governor Jindal stated "...I think we need to stop members of Congress from becoming lobbyists...I think too often they do what the special interest want. In regards to military procurement... multiple sources, having competitive bid contracts, multi year procurement...I think its good for taxpayers and it's good for men and women in the military as well because when we don't do that they are also the ones getting cheated. They are not getting the equipment and the training they need and it shouldn't be done based on politics."

Question: If elected for president what would you do to ensure us that your policies would be in the interest of public good instead of corporate interest?

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