Governor George Pataki speaking about lobbyists and money in politics

Olivia Zink on February 04, 2015
Olivia caught up with former New York Governor George Pataki at the Quality Cash Market in Concord and asked a question about the immigrant detention quota. The store owner gave out complimentary coffee.

On February 4th former New York governor Pataki stops at the Quality Cash Market, where he fielded questions on governing under the influence.

Olivia: I am concerned that some companies profiting for immigration policy the GEO group & Corrections Corporation of America are setting public policy that allows us to incarcerate over 34,000 people a day, they are the ones that are lobbying for those decisions.

Pataki: One of the things that we have to do is break the connection between the interest groups and the power in Washington. The more we can reduce the power of Washington the more we can reform the system by breaking that connection between interest groups and the politicians the better off we will be. I just want to give you one example, one of the things I want to do today.  There are over 400 former members of congress from the House and Senate, both parties, who are registered lobbyists. I think we should pass a law saying that you serve one day in Congress there is a lifetime ban on ever being a lobbyist. We have to give the government back to the people. Right now it is controlled by the interests in Washington and when government becomes rich and powerful, the interest groups can afford to pay millions of dollars to change the outcome.

Olivia: follow-up about campaign contributors

Pataki: 6.7 billion was spent in 2012 and when government becomes this big, this powerful, this expensive, this intrusive, it pays to pay people to lobby to get special exemptions [might have said "exceptions"]. Thank you for being here.

Quality Cash Market Concord , NH 03301
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