Governor Christie on Prison Privatization

Mark on June 05, 2015
When I asked a question regarding privatized prisons, his main point was that prison populations need to be reduced.

During Chris Christie's visit to the Corner View Restaurant, I asked a question regarding privatized prisons

I got there just past 8am as Chris Christie was going around from table to table.  Instead of taking a table, I stayed by the entrance and chatted with others, including his communications person.  We talked about prison privatization and its consequences.  Governor Christie spent a lot of time listening and talking with everyone who asked him a question.  As he was leaving, I got my chance.  Christie listened very attentively to my question, which was something like:

 "What will do to stop the privatization of prisons for profit?"

His response was basically that prisons, themselves, are a matter for governments to run, although he allowed for "public-private finance" of the prison buildings.  When I countered that that's more costly, he responded that it came down to a "'cost-benefit analysis."  His main point was that prison populations need to be reduced, in particular by putting drug users through forced drug rehabilitation programs ...  usually run by private, for-profit companies.

That was the gist of our discussion. 

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