Governor Chris Christie: Happy to look and review 34,000 immigrant detention mandate

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on February 01, 2016
At a town hall event at Drake University in Des Moines Iowa, Governor Christie stated he would be happy to look over 34,000 immigrant detention mandate.

When I arrived, Governor Christie was nowhere to be found, and his campaign had arranged the law school hall into a circle, providing me an opportunity to sit comfortably while waiting for Christie. When Christie did show up, he gave his stump speech and then opened it up for questions.

I was the first one who raised my hand, and Christie promptly called me. Knowing how he had responded to Miranda in New Hampshire, I still went ahead and asked him about the immigrant detention mandate.

I stumbled at the beginning but my question was:

In my senior seminar class, I learned about a mandate that required 34,000 undocumented immigrants have to be detained each day, which was a mandate pushed through Congress, what are your thoughts about that? Would you eliminate such a mandate if you were elected office that was basically pushed through Congress by corporate interests?

Christie responded with: “…it is always difficult to figure out who is pushing what through Congress, so the idea that that particular mandate was pushed through Congress by corporate interest could be or could not be.”

After he went on discussing the issue of immigration, he got back to my question and finished with “…on that particular statute, I’d be happy to take a look at it, um, and give you my opinion on it, I have heard it before, but I would tell you the general principle I would follow here is the one that needs to be enforced.”

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