Gov Gilmore Questioned on Crony Capitalism

Olivia Zink on June 22, 2015
Olivia asked Jim Gilmore about "crony capitalism" at a WMUR "Conversation with the Candidate" program. The Virgina governor said " We have to expose who is influencing who," and that "transparency is the best answer."

Olivia: Giant corporations have seen unlimited access to buy insider influence in Congress. What steps will you take on lobby reform, campaign contributions and the revolving door? And how will you prevent crony capitalism from corrupting our government and economy?

Gilmore: I think transparency is the best answer. I think right now we have too many back room deals going on, particularly with members of Congress.

I think we have to expose who is influencing who and who is providing the money and who is in fact doing that kind of influence in Congress and in other places.  Get these issue out on the table. Make sure that by public exposure that we have a transparent situation so people know who is influencing who here. I think it is up to the citizens to hold their members of Congress, the House and Senate, accountable for these things and make sure that what we are doing is in the best interest of all the people.

Olivia's question is at minute 8:02 of the WMUR video, followed by a question from Kristy Martino and further discussion of crony capitalism.


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