Gilmore in Brookline

Melanie on May 30, 2015
Melanie talked to Gov. Gilmore about corporate cronyism, the status of women, and the health of the economy.

I asked:  Giant corporations seem to have unlimited funds to buy insider access to Congress.  What steps will you take to prevent corporate cronyism from corrupting our government and economy?

Gov. Gilmore's first comment was about all the money Jeb Bush had and said this was not fair to lesser known candidates. He agreed that Congress is not acting in the best interest of people but would not support regulation or anything that would prevent companies from donating to candidates.

He also said he would not overturn the Citizens United decision.

When I asked about what would elevate the status of women in America he started talking about Isis' ill treatment of women and said we need to stop it.  I asked him about women in America. He said women in America were doing well and we should hold up the role models as examples.

Finally I asked why the stock market was at 18K and people are still unemployed or underemployed.  His answer:  The stock market should be at 50K! 

Gov. Gilmore concluded by stating his belief that everyone should be employed and if there were lower taxes more people would have jobs.

Let me know when other candidates are in the area.  


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